Friday, October 15, 2010

About the Boat: Ellen Louise

When you think about boats you might think of a million dollar yacht with crew cabins and all the luxuries that come with it. Or you might think of a pirate ship. Who knows. Our boat is neither. It is a teak hulled 1964 Cheoy Lee Robb 35'. It was designed and built in Hong Kong as a blue water cruiser. It has spruce spars (mast/ boom) and enough varnish to employee a small army full-time.

Picture taken during Yesteryear race in SD bay. My friend Robin on the left, Me on the right.

Some people might be asking, "Why bother with an old wooden boat?" Well, it's not for everyone but it is totally worth it; the feel while she is sailing, the smells when we get home, the look- it all makes wood our only option.

Sailing San Diego Bay

Original markings from the boat yard in Hong Kong

Hull Type: Long KeelRig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 35.50LWL: 24.00Beam: 10.00
Draft (max.) 6Draft (min.)Listed SA: 587
Displacement: 14880Ballast: 4700
Designer: Arthur Robb
Builder: Cheoy Lee Shipyard Ltd.(HK)
Hull: WoodBal. type: Iron
First Built: 1961Last Built:Number Built:

I: 41.00J: 14.00P: 37.00
E: 16.00PY:EY:
SA(Fore.): 287.00SA(Main): 296.00Total(calc.)SA: 583.00
SA/Disp: 15.48Est. Forestay Len.: 43.32

BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:  Cheoy Lee Shipyard

More about & boats designed by:  Arthur Robb

Before and after teak cleaning.

Sailing back from Catalina. Cody and Larry trimming, me driving.

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