Friday, October 29, 2010

Deep Dark Secret

No one wants to talk about the things that are wrong with their boat. A wooden boat is an unusual beast. There are so many factors that just aren't there on a fiberglass boat. Our deep dark secret is that we have cracked frames. Now, at first this is a very alarming fact. However, after a brief consultation with a wooden boat expert, my worries have been calmed, if only a bit. He seemed to think they looked normal for the age and construction of the boat. I mean, they aren't going to fix themselves, but our boat probably won't sink tomorrow. (Knock on wood) Don't get me wrong, this isn't something new. They have probably been broken since 6 months after the boat was splashed in 1964, but it is still very unsettling. The truth of the matter is that steam bent frames break. It isn't a matter of if, it's when.

So we are hauling the boat out today to get a better look at her. She hasn't been out the water for about 5 years (long overdue). We have never seen her out of the water so it will be good to get to know her underneath the water. I would like to spend this weekend drinking too much and making bad decisions but the reality is that we will never be ready to leave if we don't get some work done.

List of things to do this weekend:
-burn off all of the old bottom paint
-sand down to wood
-inspect planks and seams
-2 coats of epoxy barrier (we are using Interlux 2000)
-2 coats of anti-fouling paint (using Interlux Ultra)
-inspect and replace all thru hulls and sea cocks
-sand and varnish transom

Should be a fun way to spend Halloween! What do you think?

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