Monday, October 25, 2010

Dumpster diving, free swag!

Matt and I went to the local farmers market yesterday on our 1966 Honda S90 scooter. It was the first nice day in a week or so. We drove around a bit then parked by the launch ramp. The launch ramp in San Diego is amazing. People have no idea what to do when they get there and they panic. There are people crashing boats into their cars or forgetting the fact that cars do not drive underwater. I recommend driving down there on a Saturday afternoon and just watch. It's the best 20 minutes of free entertainment that you can find around here.

Anyway, after we were finished laughing at people's stupidity we went back to the dinghy dock and locked up the bike completely forgetting about the sausages in the saddlebag. Well, some hours later, we had to leave our nice warm dry boat, get in the dinghy, walk up the dock, across the yard to the bike. Then,  all of a sudden it was like we found the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. Except instead of a pot of gold it was a dumpster...and there was no rainbow.

Now go with me here, some people may not be too keen on sifting through other people's waste but given the right dumpster in the right location it can be a gold mine! Given as this dumpster was in a boatyard where there were a boat load (pun intended) of people leaving the next day for the Baja haha- it was the right dumpster. Winnings listed as follows:

-full size Weems & Plath trawling oil lamp, used once, maybe
-2 quarts of lamp oil, unopened
-sail bag for swag
-camping lantern with working batteries
-perfectly varnished teak swim ladder with foot grippys
-super awesome extra large pirate flag, folded in package, never opened
-spare 40lb anchor

Ahaaa, sweet sweet sausages!

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. Took this with my phone.)

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  1. Dumpster diving must be genetic. I've gotten some of my best stuff there.