Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Haul Out

We hauled out yesterday in the evening, had a nice dinner, and had our first sleep on the hard. When we awoke this morning it was pouring down rain- not ideal for bottom painting. We went to a local deli to get some breakfast and the clouds parted. It was amazing. The rain stopped and the sun came out. We went back to the boat and got to work. After seeing the boat out of the water we decided not to take the hull down to wood. We decided we will haul out in about 6 months and wood it down then. We will need to do some frame repair at that time so it just makes sense to take the old paint off at that point. So the tasks we got completed today are as follows:

-knocked off all loose paint in preparation for paint
-painted 1 coat of cheap anti-fouling bottom paint on the bottom
-sanded transom
-inspected planks for shifting and/or rot- everything looks good!

It was a pretty successful day in my opinion. We will be bleaching and varnishing the transom tomorrow. AND since we didn't have to grind off the bottom I still get to go out tonight and celebrate with friends!

Rain, rain, go away! 
 Transom before
 Bow before
 Side view before
 Close up
 Bow after painting with tape on
 Side view after paint with tape
 Taking tape off
 After paint!
 After paint side view

 Transom mid way through sanding
 Still sanding
After sanding

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