Friday, October 15, 2010

I can't find my other shoe!?

Living aboard is a dream many people share but they have no idea how good it can really be. Moving onboard enabled me to do all the things that I had previously wanted to but didn’t think I could. It allowed me to quit my cubicle job because I didn’t have my expensive beach community rent. I sold my nice car and now I ride a scooter. Without any real financial obligations I was finally able to focus on enjoying my life.  

Sailing off into the sunset is just a dream for some people but we make it a lifestyle. Since 2008 we have been combining a simple and natural life with a quest for adventure. I have a million dollar view that I don’t have to sell if I don’t like my neighbors. Other liveaboards are however one of the best things about life aboard. The diverse community includes all types of people from every background who are all brought together by their common thirst for adventure and love of the water. My experience has been mainly living in a mooring community but my experiences transcend locations. Someone once said, ‘home is where your heart is’ and my heart is in sailing. 

People choose to live this type of lifestyle for lots of reasons but for us it was because we love sailing and it is the logical next step. Liveaboards are passionate about their vessel and take pride in their lifestyle. For me, passion led me to my life on board. It is simple and fun. For anyone who ever wanted to live in a tree house when they were a kid or went camping and didn’t want to go back to real life, living aboard is for you.  

When I was a kid I knew that if I got caught doing something bad by a neighbor that it would get back to my mother before I was home. In today’s society it seems that the modern suburban neighborhood has lost that community feel. I missed that feeling of security knowing that my next-door neighbor would look out for my house when no one was home. I have been searching for that community feeling ever since my family moved out of my childhood home. I finally found that community once again when I moved aboard.  

For me the lifestyle doesn't just end at living on a boat though. The endless travel possibilities to take our home anywhere in the world keeps me excited all the time. Cruising the world is the next goal for us. Whether anchoring out locally for the night or circumnavigating the globe, I have the comfort of my own bed no matter what edge of the earth I end up on. There is simplicity in this chosen lifestyle that gives me peace. We are not tied to our material possessions (other than our boat of course) and I think we get to experience a lot more of life because of that. 

For some people it is hard to get rid of furniture and assorted unused attic treasures. Lots of liveaboards keep a storage unit on land for years because they think they will miss or need their things. I am not one of those people. My entire sleeping berth is smaller than my old closet. Land dwellers ask me, ‘doesn’t it get crowded with so little space?’ I tell them, 'yes, sometimes it does'. Even though our boat has less interior living space than the smallest studio apartment that you can find, it has perks that usually only an elite few can claim. It has a waterfront view, teak floors, skylights, and a large waterfront patio with a barbecue grill. Everything has it’s own place and most things have more than one function.

However, there are issues almost every time Matt and I go out somewhere. Most frequently I can only find one shoe. Matt says I don't need all my shoes but I am not ready to let go of all of my indulgences quite yet. 

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