Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secret Ambition

Remember how in high school they made you answer all those stupid questions for the yearbook that you are supposed to cherish forever? Well, my yearbook is buried in a basement somewhere 2500 miles away and I couldn't tell you one thing anyone wrote in their Senior photo section. However, I can remember the questions. There was the usual favorite quotes and what do you want to be when you grow up. I probably wrote something perfectly cliche for my quote then said I want to become something totally unrelated to anything I am actually interested in doing. But everyone's favorite question was, "What is your secret ambition?" This question is the favorite because it opens the door to so many possibilities. Most people put funny answers like, 'To become Britney Spears' best friend' or something lame like that, but not me. My secret ambition was, 'To sail away into the sunset and never return.'

Fast forward a number of years and I have decided that becoming that thing that I was never interested in to begin with sucks. I have decided to go with plan B: Sail away into the sunset and never return (figuratively, at least not return to any sort of conventional lifestyle). So there it is, my new plan for the next few ten's of years. The countdown has begun. Together with my boyfriend Matt, we will start planning for our circumnavigation around the world.

The way I figure it, all we have to do is go south, hang a right at some point and never look back. Something tells me it is going to be a bit more complicated....

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