Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving....Mmmm Turkey!

This past week we inherited and installed (ok, Matt installed, I drank a rum and coke) a working oven which means: TURKEY! Thursday was our first Thanksgiving on the boat. Last year we were in Spain and the year before I was in Maryland. This was a big deal for us. No tradition was skipped, no dish was small, no hot rum was spilled, it was amazing.

Dishes served include:
Turkey with homemade gravy
Green bean casserole
Candied yams
Mashed potatoes with onions, garlic, and butter- skin on the way I like it
Stuffing fresh out of the bird
Homemade pumpkin pie
Hot buttered rum

Our friend Trevor came over and we drank rum while Matt cooked. All of this was made in three hours in our new oven and stove on the boat. We had enough food for 15 people but the three of us ate enough for at least 10 people. It was awesome. I think the moral of the Thanksgiving story should be: over indulgence is what being American is all about and what better way to celebrate American independence than eating until you want to vomit then having dessert.

(For anyone not from the US, please note my sarcasm, although I do agree that most people in the USA are over indulgent, I merely make the comment in jest.)

 Bird in the oven
I insisted on Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup in the casserole to be traditional  

Cooked perfectly, juicy, moist, tasty  

Candied yams with brown sugar

Greenbean casserole with fried onion bits 

Matt's famous mostly mashed potatoes 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Case of the three Matts

On Sunday it had been literally 6 weeks since we had cleaned our laundry. It was pouring down rain all day but I decided it was time to do it anyway considering I was wearing bikini bottoms for underpants. So, I bundled up in my foul weather gear and got ready for the trek. I had two duffle bags totaling about 70 lbs of dirty clothes- literally everything we own. The upside is now I know exactly how long I can go with out doing laundry.

Anyway, so while I was at the laundry-mat, Matt was out and about shopping and whatnot. Once I was finished he showed up to help me bring the laundry bags back and had a ten lb turkey with him, dead obviously and new 6 volt batteries. Now a normal person wouldn't find this strange except for the fact that our oven has been broken since before I met Matt. So, the next task was to get this oven fixed before Thanksgiving; 4 days later. We went back to the boat and met up with our other friend Matt M (we'll call him Coronado). They started scheming and decided it would be easier to just replace the oven than fix it. New problem- we are broke, can't buy a new anything and there is a 10lb turkey thawing on our counter.

This is where the third Matt comes in. Matt H (we will call him Holmes) has a boat a short skiff ride up the bay with a perfectly fine working oven sitting on his cabin sole. So my Matt and Coronado decide to go pillaging and  pirating to find Holmes' oven. They call Holmes and he says to take the oven; everything is coming together perfectly. So Matt and Coronado took Coronado's skiff up the bay and show back up half hour later with a great new looking oven.

Two hours later we find out the oven doesn't exactly fit right and doesn't gimbal either... no problem. After much jury rigging and elegant smashing they got the oven installed and, honestly, it fits good enough.

 Old oven out
 It hadn't been cleaned back there in years. It was disgusting! 
 New oven in sortof, didn't exactly fit right away
 Not very big inside but hey it works
Victory! Perfect fit.

Next task: install new batteries. This should be fun.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last night

Some pictures aboard the boat last night. Enjoy!

Ok, so this one isn't actually from last night but I wanted to include it anyway.
 Matt made this delicious apple pie on the grill. It tasted a bit like cheeseburger but it was perfect.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Haul-out Photos

On Sunday we finished the transom and launched the boat. I feel good about the whole experience but it makes the prospect of what is to come so much more real now. We are going to have to do some serious frame repair in about 6 months. The boat is still sea worthy now but if we were to get caught in a serious storm I would be worried. Check out more photos from the haul out!
 Boat out of the water
 Epoxy barrier coat on the transom
 Looking good

 Checked some fastener holes
 Removed a couple fasteners to inspect them for strength
 They both looked great. A little dirty but still strong.
The transom after we were finished. Obviously we are going to need to redo our topside paint next time...

The haul out was a great success and we learned a lot about our boat from the bottom up. Next haul out we will have a lot more work to do but I think it would have been overwhelming to try to get it all done at once. Not to mention too expensive and time consuming, but that will have to come eventually.