Friday, December 31, 2010

#1 or #2?

We are back! It is sooo good to be back on the boat. The holiday was nice but 2 weeks is a long time to leave the old girl. It rained a lot while we were gone and all the moisture and humidity in combination with a cold, closed up boat did not make a fresh boat for us when we came home. It was moldy and damp with a special musty smell that was not pleasant to say the least. We spent the day tidying up the mess and doing the 2 week old dishes that we left in haste. Halfway threw the day M was in the head cleaning and must have hit a tipping point. We decided we were tired of our toilet spraying back and bought a new one. The be fair, the old toilet was like a Lexus, an old broken down Lexus. It had potential to be rebuilt and brought back to life like a old GTO but neither of us were going to do it. SO- in proper American fashion we threw it away and got a new one. The solid cast bronze toilet effortlessly glided into the dumpster and like that all our crappy problems were over. (pun intended) We went to the local marine hardware store and bought the cheapest, smallest toilet you can get. It might only last a year but at least it will be a year without wee-water splash back when I flush.



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