Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in MARYLAND

Maryland is almost as cold as Ohio with less snow but just as much uncomfortable weather. Aside from the almost constant unconformable feeling outside and unnatural dryness that can only be caused by artificial air conditioning inside, it was a very nice trip. There was a lot of family time and catching up with old friends that I haven't seen in too long. M and I both developed bad head colds while we were there so we laid kinda low. However, we did go downtown Annapolis a number of times to take in the town. I grew up in this area and always feel a little nostalgic, almost wanting to move back- then I remember how uncomfortable I am at that moment and i'm glad I don't live there. Annapolis will always have a special place for me though. The town is very connected to the water and the boating community is small and friendly. There are bars on every corner and a mast every direction you look. Don't be fooled though, in the middle of summer the power boats take over the harbor but every good place must have a downside I guess. The waterways of the Chesapeake lend themselves to infinite places to anchor but don't expect to land your dinghy many places as most of the waterfront is privately owned by residents. There are dinghy docks but you have to know where they are ahead of time since almost everyone living on the water has a private pier also... must be nice. Anyway, it was a good trip but we were ready to get back to San Diego and back to our Ellen Louise.

View of Downtown Annapolis from Eastport

Star on my uncle's fire truck (yes he has a fire truck, no he is not a fire fighter)

Fire at my parent's house

Local watering hole, great Crabcakes!

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