Thursday, December 16, 2010

Half Pint of Rum Race: Results

So Friday night before the race we were trying to finish some last minute tasks, one of which was to adjust the valves on the diesel. The engine has been making a ticking noise which we assumed was just an easy valve adjustment. Everything went as planned and we had a quiet night before the race. Just to be safe we had our crew show up for dock call at 9am Saturday morning even though the start wasn't until noon. At 8:30 M decided to drill holes in our deck for new downhaul leads. Then at 8:45 he decided to go up the mast to finish up some other things. Let's just say it was a busy morning.

We left the dock promptly at 9:27 (half hour behind schedule) and motored for about 15 minutes when the diesel decided it was time to quit. We ended up sailing downwind in 0-5 knots with the spinnaker up for 7 miles. It took hours. By the time we got to the start everyone had already had a few beers and we were falling a little behind schedule. At 11:45 we started to get worried about not making it to the start but since everyone was already feeling a bit tipsy I forced M to make us bacon and eggs. (He loves me)

We showed up in the anchorage right at noon and M was in the kayak before we even set the anchor. He rowed to shore just in time for the skippers meeting and to taste the rum. A line was drawn in the sand and a gun when off. Everyone on shore ran to the water to get back to their boats as quickly as possible.

The second M touched the hull our anchor came up and the sails were set. It was one of the most beautiful moments on the bay I have witnessed. Since this race is sponsored by the San Diego Ancient Mariners Sailing Society it is only open to boats of classic build and design, ie beautiful old wooden sailboats.

The wind was light and shifty out of the Northwest all day. It was an upwind beat the whole race but it didn't ruin our fun. The sun was out and it was a warm clear day. After a couple hours tacking upwind, we approached the finish. When we were close to the finish line, M got back into the kayak and we catapulted him towards the beach. He got there in record time and slammed back his tot of rum. We finished 6th out of 10 boats in our class. Our elapsed time was 2 hours 18 minutes and 10 seconds. Not a great finish but not last either. Below are some photos from the race courtesy of Diane Keifer.

Skippers Meeting on the beach, tasting the rum for quality
Putting up sail and lifting anchor 
Sailing with industrial South Bay in the background

Beautiful day in San Diego
Raft up after the race for the results and to finish drinking the entry fees

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  1. What gorgeous photos! Did this race two years ago on a buddy's boat and just loved it.