Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot Rum III

The final Hot Rum race was this past Saturday. It was a nice warm day for December in San Diego, sun was out, wind was off. The tide was ripping out at 3 knots and the breeze was reading 0.03- not ideal conditions for sail boat racing. The breeze came up to about 1-5 knots and the race committee (RC) started the race. Just about every one was over early due to the no wind and strong current and we ended up floating backwards for about half hour. Not the best start but we powered through. We sailed fast and caught up to the pack just in time for the wind to die again. We had another intense hour of extreme floating and beer drinking then the RC finally abandoned the race.

As we took down the sails and motored back towards the harbor it was a little bittersweet. Although we were probably not going to win, and the wind was forecasted to go into a negative spiraling vortex of nothingness, it was the last race of the Hot Rum and that means the year is almost over. Every month we get closer to our deadline reminds me how much work we still have to do.
A slow day of ocean racing
(Thanks to Dennis St. Onge for the shot.

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