Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hot Rum Race Series

Although cruising is the ultimate goal, Matt and I also are pretty into sailboat racing. If you have read the 'About Us' section then you know that Matt and I actually met at the Hot Rum II after race party a couple years ago. The Hot Rum races have been a tradition in San Diego for many years... I don't know how many years or even how and why it started but I do know that it is a pretty sweet race and they serve hot buttered rum at the after-party which is reason enough for me to do the race. There are always 3 races in the series and are in November and December.

This year Matt and I were honored to be part of the race crew for the Cimarron, the fastest, sweetest, most awesome Ericson 35 in all of the world (in my humble opinion). The Cimarron is not only fast but she also knows how to have a good time while going around the race course. SO, in honor of the best race crew I have ever had the fortune to be a part of and also in honor of Matt and my 2 year anniversary, here are a few photos of the Cimarron from the first two Hot Rum races. Enjoy.

Hot Rum I: Light wind, variable, with gusts up to 20 knots. Good day of sailing however there was some minor confusion at the start and it turned out we were over early. Race 1: OCS (16 points)

Hot Rum I: Before the start 

Hot Rum I: Beautiful day, fluky winds, sunny and warm

Hot Rum I: Great day of sailing

Hot Rum II: Windy, gusts to 25, steady wind. Very fun day of sailing but not ideal picnic weather. It was wet. Did I mention it rained all day? Race 2: 4th in class out of 17

Hot Rum II: Best day of sailing in SD in months

Perfect wind conditions...not perfect wetness

Hot Rum II: The Cimarron in yellow perfectly trimmed going upwind

Hot Rum II: The race committee decided to change the race to a bay race rather than the normal ocean race. It made mark roundings interesting.
Upcoming Race calendar:
December 4th: Hot Rum III on the Cimarron
December 11th: Half Pint O' Rum on Ellen Louise

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  1. Hope HR III is a blast, with good winds and no rain. Have fun!