Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ohio: It is cold, it is gray, and there are no masts to be found for 100 miles. We are land locked in the Midwest celebrating Christmas with M's family. It is nice to sit on a couch and relax but I could do without the cold dreary grayness outside. Ohio isn't all bad though, it is very beautiful in it's own way AND Lehman's is here. For anyone who doesn't know about this place, it is basically an old fashion goods store specializing in non-electric goods to serve the local Amish/Mennonite communities. They have a website (http://www.lehmans.com) and you would be very surprised how much the cruising community has in common with the Amish community. We bought a couple new oil lamps and wicks for a third the price that you buy them in any marine Chandlery. Here are some photos for your non-marine related enjoyment. Maryland is next week...it is cold there too...yay.

Like I said, it is gray


and Buggy

Lehmans, check it out sometime

Neat old tractor, "starts on gas, runs on anything"

These signs are everywhere

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