Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years 2011!

After spending a long day cleaning and installing the new head neither M nor I felt much like doing anything. Lucky for us, most of our friends felt the same way. We met up for some tequila at a local Mexican place with a few friends. Everyone was feeling the same about the evening using excuses like 'I don't want to drive' even though most of us don't have cars. We decided to have a low key night of rum drinking and eating popcorn. The Cimarron came and rafted up with us and we had some people over on the boat. It was a nice evening and I was in bed by 12:10. To be fair, I am still getting over this horrible cold and just needed to sleep. Not very Hollywood Rockstar I know, but a good ending to a busy year.
Sunset on the moorings

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