Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Temecula is a funny place. To get there you basically drive directly away from the ocean into the arid desert-like area we call 'inland'. I normally try to stay as far away from inland as possible but this weekend was different. We were going to the dreaded Inland Empire on purpose. Our weekend trip to Temecula turned out to be super relaxing and nice. We chose Temecula for a weekend getaway destination mainly for the wine. The area is very well suited for growing grapes and there are vineyards everywhere.

However, before the white man settled here, this area it was inhabited by Native American Indians. Since we (the white man) raped, pillaged, and plundered the shit out of the Native Americans, they are now the only people in California allowed to own casinos (not sure how the jump from restitution to gambling happened but nonetheless) ... and they have definitely taken advantage of their loop hole. There are 2 very large casinos in the Temecula valley area, Pala and Pechanga. I forced M to go with me to Pechanga and very quickly waste money. I think his heart died a little after the experience but I had fun. We went to a really horrible club called Silk or something like that with a $20 cover. Once inside we found the place to be filled with desperately slutty looking girls and lots of single dudes. It was not really our scene but if you are into $15 drinks, gogo dancers, and Asian prostitute look-a-likes then I highly recommend this club.

Anyway, we had fun and it was a nice getaway from the boat. It seems that we spend every weekend doing boat maintenance. I like to remind M that everything needs to happen with a good balance. Otherwise, I will not be happy...and that is what really counts.

Vineyard in Temecula

Hills above the vineyards

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  1. Dear Liz and Matt! Come visit us soon - Holly and Marco (We miss you guys!)