Sunday, January 16, 2011


Transportation is complicated. It is funny, our boat can take us around the world but it can't take us to Colorado, let alone the grocery store...until now...well, not Colorado but the grocery store yes. Many of you know that we have a Honda s90 motorbike and you also know that it has been out of service for the past few months. The bike is a great way to get around, make shop runs, pick up some veg, but all of that stopped about a month ago. Not sure what happened but it's old and there is a trend with old motors and not working great. Either way, the bike is in pieces and not currently running.

Anyway, we were running low on basics like ramen noodles, rice, and onions; staples of our everyday poverty diet. So we decided it was time to buckle down and go to the store. Getting to the local super market is not that tough. It is about 2 miles away, an easy walk or bike ride. Problem is, getting back with 100lbs of produce and canned goods is not easy.

There is a small waterway that runs under a bridge and around a corner. It dead ends near a sail loft and just happens to be directly behind the Vons grocery store. Ahhhh! We motored around the corner from where our boat lives, parked the dinghy on the beach and tied it to a rock. The whole process took about 20 minutes. It was the greatest discovery that has happened for us in food shopping since the farmers market moved to town (which deserves note but can be disappointing).

Bike all torn apart

In pieces

Hidden channel leading to Vons 

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