Friday, March 4, 2011


If you were to ask me what the hardest thing about living aboard is I would most definitely tell you that it is storage. For anyone living on a boat this is a hard task but I like to think that it is especially difficult for me. Why you ask am I any different than anyone else? Good question. It isn't because I have a lot of things or lots of clothes, food, shoes, nothing like that. I own the average amount of things that you would expect for a person in my situation. The reason is the boat.

Ellen Louise is a beautiful, classically designed wooden sloop. I love her for her lines and features. When M bought the boat he wasn't willing to compromise any sailing ability for comfort. She sails to weather like a dream (well, for an old wooden boat), she is solid and will hold her course for hours. Her rear end is high and tight. These factors are what makes sailing her so pleasurable. However, these same features do cause a slight compromise in the interior living space.

M and I live very simple. We try not to accumulate anything that we don't use regularly. Sure we have a lot of books and far too many pillows (I like to be comfy- it's important), but we have a very simple lifestyle. The funny thing is though, there is never enough room. If I get rid of 3 trash bags full of stuff the next day you won't even notice I did anything. For me, being comfortable in a space is more important than anything. If my living space is cluttered and messy it hurts my brain and I can't relax. Every night M and I have a routine. We get home, tidy up, light the lamps, change out of work clothes, put on a record, and relax. It is this end of the day routine that keeps everything in order.

For anyone who has ever been on our boat, you will know that it is not normally neat or clean. 'How can that be then if they tidy up every night?' It seems that it turns into a never ending cycle for tidying and destroying our little home...

Anyway, there is no point to my rant, just that it is a very hard aspect of living aboard that we deal with. For anyone on a catamaran, a 40'+ boat, power boat, or living on land: I do not feel your pain, try sleeping in my bed for a night and then we will talk.

Please, anyone, if you have a similar life and know a way to make it easier, please enlighten me.

Completely unrelated photo to the post but I didn't want to leave you with no visual stimulation.
Here is M's view from the top.


  1. I want a virtual your of your boat!

  2. Virtual view coming up right after I get home and clean up. Haha.