Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Newport to Ensenada Race

Below is a recap of the race as written by the Skipper, David Basham. (with a few edits for those of you who don't know the context)

"Ok. Wen night we take the boat up to Newport alongside our bow man and tactition who are bringing up Spin Dr (another racing boat). In true Cimarron fashion, we were stopped and boarded by the coastguard, again (we were boarded last race also). They are nice, check the boat out, wish us luck in the race and send us on our way. We grab a mooring ball in Newport and head into town for breakfast. After a very funny party that evening with great top 40 songs from the 60's & 70's and more silicone then I have seen in a long time, we were off to bed.
Friday morning...Race day. Forcast is awesome; sunshine, good breeze, full moon. After killing the start we very quickly pull in front of everyone. The beer was flowing and the boat felt fast as we continued to pull ahead. Then...Becalmed, No wind.

After one very nice unavoidable 360, we got the boat moving again. WTF! What happend to 14 to 18 kts of breeze? After cursing Sailflow (.com) for an hour or so it was apparent this was gonna be a long one. No left turns! Were going to Ensenada! We worked every shift, changed sails often, and just kept on keeping on. By sunset we were far ahead of the fleet. Time for sloopy joes and more sail changes.

Sat morning...Often it is said, "in a Newport to Ensenada race, if the sun comes up sat morning and your a beam San Diego, Turn left and go to the bar". I thought this wise but a negitive statment. So when the sun came up and we were a beam La Jolla, I cursed, then opened a beer. No left turns. The breeze filled to 8-10 kts and we made good time jibing on shifts and sticking to our course. When the sun went down we were looking good. Ready for another night of sail changes.

Sat night. Getting high and murdering! (for the record, we are not actually doing drugs and then murdering anyone, it is a joke) With the bone thugs blasting and the green kite flying, we were making between 0 and 2 kts but having a great time working the crap out of the boat. Only problem was the closer we got to the finish line the longer we had to go. Stupid Ensenada races. Who's idea was this. Lets get high and murder! 3.8 miles to go..... Fog and light head winds. *&%$^#$@%%$&%$%%^#. 

38 hours 43min 38sec......We pull up to the dock in cruiseport. Ed from anarchy is there to grab the bowline. He tells us that they have no times for our class yet. Could it be we are the first boat in class G to finish? Man I hope so.
So it is. The pot somking, fool murdering Cimarron with her band of misfits had just won Newport to Ensenada. First to finsh, first on corrected time in PHFR G.

Lots of pics to come. Thank you thank you thank you everyone and my dear sweet mother for stickin in there. No better crew exsist on the ocean."

-David Basham

View at the starting line
Becalmed at the end of the first day


Awards ceremony 
Classy as always, drinking out of the trophy at the bar

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