Monday, April 4, 2011

Vessel Safety Check

After a nice little break from boat projects we are back to it. Ellen Louise is at the dock for her annual Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check and a little R&R for the batteries. Although we absolutely love living on a mooring ball, every once in a while we like to 'plug in' to the dock. Being at the dock is great for a few days. It motivates us to clean her up and allows us to do some projects that would be hard to do out on the moorings. For example, I love taking everything out of our lazarets and throwing things away. We are also able to use power tools with no reservation. Endless supplies of power will never stop amazing me. Anyway, look for updates later this week to find out if I stay motivated or just watch movies all week. Could go either way.
The old girl at the dock. Looks unnatural for her.

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