Friday, May 6, 2011

Half Hour Haul-Out

Ok, so it was more like 2 and a half hours but 'half hour haul out' has a better ring to it. Yesterday we hauled out to take our prop off. Although we are in SoCal and it is reasonably nice outside, the water is not very warm, ever. Besides, the water in the harbor is all dirty and who really wants to dive in the water to mess with all that business anyway!? We decided the prop needed to come off because it isn't safe to go sailing with no engine and the prop still on. If the shaft was to work it's way out of the boat the prop would get caught on the rudder and we wouldn't be able to turn the boat. No good.

Anyway, it was nice to get a look at what was going on under there. We hauled out last October with the intention of hauling out again within a year to take the bottom down to wood. She needs a new bottom pretty badly but not this time. This time is just about the prop and a quick pressure wash for the slime. Besides, the mopped on paint is holding up pretty well. You can read about the last haul out here: Halloween Haul Out.

San Diego Ancient Mariners Sailing Society's Yesteryear Regatta is tomorrow. We are taking old Ellen Louise out for a race. Should be a lot of excitement for the old girl but she will be in great company. Hope we can stay sober enough to make it to the party. I jest. More to come soon.

Not too bad. Maybe time for a proper bottom job. Not this time...

Our friend Caleb helping M remove the prop.

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