Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storage: Clothes and Shoes

Storage is an ongoing issue for us. We throw things away, we buy new things, it is a never ending cycle. I like to think that we have a pretty good handle on our junk though. We cut ties with land and got rid of a lot of things that we don't need. I say a lot instead of all because living aboard a boat doesn't have to feel like camping. I think our boat has about 18 pillows in total. As you probably already know, I like to comfortable.

Our only hanging lockers. 
Anyway, with out a storage unit or a car trunk to cram things in it gets tough. There is one area that is probably the hardest to manage and that is clothing/shoe storage. When I moved aboard the boat M had already been living there for a while. His things were overtaking every possible storage option. This quickly changed and I went through EVERYTHING. He purged a lot of good stuff and I gave away probably 90% of the things I owned. Now we live fairly thing-free. However, back to my original point; clothes and shoes will always be an issue.

It is hard to give up on certain choice items. Expensive dresses and winter coats are my weak spot. It is funny because I never even wear these things. I live in San Diego where it is never below 40 degrees and the we barely every go anywhere that warrants a fancy dress, but yet I feel the need to keep these things. Not to mention all the everyday items that need places to be stored. M and I both have full-time jobs and so we need to change our clothes and look semi-presentable on most days.

Secret shoe storage. M gets the space on the right....
under my rain boots, the rest is mine.
I guess it is just one of those things that we will always be working on and living with. And to be honest as my dad would always say, 'Hey, if that is the worst of my troubles, I've got it made!'

Does anyone else out there have storage issues or solutions? I would love to hear what neat ideas people come up with on their boats (or in small houses too!).

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