Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesteryear Regatta Recap

We finished 2nd in class out of 5 boats. It was a close race and all of the boats in our fleet had very close handicap ratings; within 10 points. We were a little quick on the gun at the start and possibly were over early. There was a quick debate about it and we decided to round the end of the starting line just in case. Why were we unsure you ask? The sailing instructions stated that it was each yacht's own responsibility to determine if they are over early. No individual recalls. If you are over early you must round the end of the starting line to clear your boat. In the end of the day we all decided that we were not actually over but better safe than sorry, right? Who knows how we would have finished had we not made this mistake... but, either way we had a lot of fun. The day was filled with steady 8-10 knots and moderately calm seas.

I had 3 goals for this race:
#1: Don't be hammered drunk at the start. Check.
#2: Don't take it too seriously, it is just an Ancient Mariners race after all. Check.
#3: Don't be too drunk to miss the party. Almost check.

Although we were still sober enough to make it to the after race party, we missed the race committee announcing our 2nd place because we were getting cocktails. We didn't realize the results were being announced and had to get our trophy after  everything was announced. Oops.

More photos to come soon.

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