Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 San Diego Wooden Boat Festival

M on our boat 
(Thanks to Yacht Naughty for the photo)
Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. We have been super busy doing non-boat and boat related things. M and I went to San Francisco for his birthday a few weeks ago (non-boat) and last weekend our boat was an exhibitor in the San Diego Wooden Boat Festival (boat related)... which I also had to work. Each Father's Day Weekend wooden boat owners display their craft at the festival. More than 80 wooden craft, ranging from row boats to regal schooners, were on hand for viewing by the public this year. It is a pretty fun event but a very busy weekend. I will have more updates soon.

Us inbetween cocktails
(Thanks to Yacht Naughty for the photo)
Front and center at the festival
(Thanks to Yacht Naughty for the photo)

San Francisco is a bit of a side note as this is a lifestyle blog mostly about sailing. However, if you have been reading for a while you will already know that I like to include non boat related adventures so you, the reader, get a sense of what our lives really are like. Living aboard is just part of the puzzle and adventure.

While in San Francisco we relaxed, explored, ate, and walked A LOT. We were not there for very long and stayed in the city most of the time. I think we got a good feel for what the city is like but I would love to go back and stay longer. 

Highlights (and low lights) of the trip: The marina district, bay tour on an old wooden boat, vintage motorbikes, and people peeing literally everywhere in public during the middle of the day. 

In San Francisco

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