Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rowing Dinghy Transformed into Sailing Skiff

This afternoon M decided our neglected little rowing skiff wanted to soar. (My words, not his) What he actually said was, 'I'm working late' which is translated into 'I wanna tinker with boat stuff.' He has been talking about needing a sailing skiff for a while and it seems like a great idea. Our outboards are never very reliable and having a way to get to shore without rowing seems like an appealing option.

So afterwork M and our friend Caleb pulled the neglected little skiff out of the water and hauled it over to their shop. Meanwhile, I was getting bored and went to get some carne asada fries. Mmmm. When I got back they already had the mast step and spreader installed. After a few more beers on my part and a lot of actual work on everyone else's part, the little boat was ready to sail.

Surprisingly the whole process only took a couple hours. I think it turned out very nicely.

Dry fitting mast spreader

Boys working hard

Ready to sail complete with vang, main sheet, out haul, spectra traveler, and down haul


Next weekend is a raft up for America's Birthday in La Playa. I'll let you know how it works out...

ps. Any suggestions on a name for our newly reborn sailing dinghy??


  1. how did it go without a centerboard?

    1. We attached a leeboard to the side of the boat. It was just kinda a fun afternoon project. The boat never really sailed that well... and then it disappeared so we never had a lot of time to make it nice properly. We ended up nicknaming it 'The Poop Skiff' actually, so that should answer your question. Haha!