Monday, August 1, 2011

Living Aboard: Showering

There hasn't been a lot going on lately so I thought I would share a feature/ item that makes living aboard our boat a little easier. Moving aboard is a huge lifestyle change for almost everyone. Even the most frugal person will find that a 35' boat just doesn't have much storage. M put it best the other day, he compared our storage space to that of a bum with a shopping cart. It takes a bit of getting used to. Anyway, so I will try to share a feature of the boat every once in a while to give you an idea of what living aboard is really like.

One feature that I absolutely could not live with out is our shower. We have an Eccotemp L5 instant hot shower and it is AMAZING. You can buy it on Amazon for $115 and it is totally worth every cent. This thing it super simple and easy to use. It runs off propane and hooks into your boat's pressurized fresh water system. It uses very little water and is always hot immediately. And by hot, I mean, it is very hot. You can read more about the tankless water heater on their website: I would and have recommend this product to anyone and everyone I know who owns a boat (or an apartment or house).

Instant hot water heater mounted in our head.
Thanks to my brothers girlfriend for the magnet.

For the record, Eccotemp did not pay me for this endorsement and I am getting nothing from them. We paid full retail for it. I just love this product and want you to know.


  1. I like this new series! I remember spending time on boats growing up as a kid - but I don't remember the showers as much. Dirty little kid, I guess!

  2. Haha sweet... the inline heaters are not very popular in America... must be too efficient.. We had one in our house in the early 80's, best way to heat it.. especially in a low flow situation like onboard...