Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Aboard: Waterproof Cases

3 computers, 2 ipods, and literally hundreds* of mobile phones later we have finally committed to keeping our expensive electronics in shockproof/ waterproof cases. I use Pelican Cases to store my ipod and camera and I never have to worry about them. Sometimes when I am riding in the skiff on the way out to the boat I think to my self, 'What if Steve-Dave** rams us and pops our inflatable and we have to swim back!?' Then I calmly reassure myself that my camera in my bag is safely inside it's case and I have nothing to worry about. As I am writing this I realize that my camera is the least of my worries if I am attacked by what might as well be a dinosaur and maybe I should reconsider what is important. Either way, these little bad boys are totally worth investing in. When I moved aboard I didn't realize just how harsh the marine environment is on conventional electronics. Even if you don't directly drop something in the water the salt air will wreak havoc on anything and everything that wasn't specifically designed to be used on a boat.

I would recommend these durable cases to anyone who ever gets wet. No I was not paid to say that, they just work great.

Note the white case is for an ipod and has an exterior headphone jack.
No need to open the case to play music.

*ok, maybe not hundreds, more like 8.

**Steve-Dave is the gigantic scary one eyed sea lion that has been known to eat babies and pop inflatables for sport. (ok, the eating babies part might be a lie)

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  1. I have a Pelican case for the digital camera and accessories at work. Pretty sinkin' amazing it is. Not that it needs to be inside at the office. :-)