Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slaughter Across the Water

Moving to the East Coast is tough. We cried and complained when we left San Diego but I have to say that Annapolis has been great. Since we have been here we have eaten 36 oysters and countless Dark & Stormy's. I love being in a town where every restaurant has a raw bar and every bar stocks ginger beer*. It is such a great area for sailing and eating and drinking for that matter. On our second day here we happened upon an annual tug-a-war festival. For anyone not familiar with the area- the Annapolis Harbor has two distinct areas: Historic Annapolis and across the harbor is the Maritime Republic of Eastport. For many years Eastport has been trying to declare their independence from Annapolis as it's own independent town. Somewhere along the way they all started an across the harbor tug-a-war to declare something... not quite sure what the winner gets but it is good fun either way.

We showed up as the first team of tuggers was starting. There is a long line that stretches across the harbor and about 30 people on either side tugging and pulling. There are three or four rounds and finally someone is announced the winner. Ironically, this year the tug-of-war was officially declared a tie. Anyway, there was a great band playing, lots of beer flowing, and plenty of oysters to eat. All and all; a great first week in town. I have to say, I couldn't ask for a better first week in a town. I am looking forward to many more great times here in the Chesapeake...and lots more oysters to eat.

Bushels of oysters

View across the harbor. The line goes the whole way from here to the other side of the harbor.

30 people to a pulling team.

The Eastport Oyster Boys 

EDIT: I heard later that Annapolis was declared the official winner so they must have had a tie breaker or something that we missed. Either way, just wanted to clarify that I have no idea who actually won or if it even matters...

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