Monday, November 28, 2011

Into the Wild

Another example that shows how far we are from San Diego. Not only did it rain twice last week but we were almost attacked by a killer rabid fox.

Ok, so maybe we weren't almost killed or in any real danger at all but I was startled a bit. This little guy was hunting in the rain for some moles or something at the waters edge right next to the dock. I don't think I will get used to all the wildlife here. Last night we were driving home and a car coming towards us flashed his brights a few times. I automatically thought there would be a cop car parked around the corner and slowed down to the approved 25/mph speed. I drove around the corner and didn't see a cop at all. There were 5 white tail deer just hanging out next to the road eating grass. I feel like I am in the jungle. I think the only wild land animal I ever saw in San Diego was a rat. Seriously. There aren't even squirrels there.

ps. San Diego has loads more marine life than Annapolis does. I haven't seen any fish or anything here yet. In SD there were sea lions and seals everywhere. Sometimes we even had dead flying fish in our dinghy in the morning. I am sure there are fishes here but they have been hiding so far...

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