Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Cold

For the third night this week the temperature has reached a blistering 30 degrees Fahrenheit (that's -1 degree Celsius for everyone else in the world that didn't grow up in the USA). It was freezing, quite literally. We are set up reasonable well for cold weather. We have 5 oil lamps that we use every night for light and a Force 10 propane heater. The first night for dinner we were warm and dry. However, we don't ever sleep with our Force 10 going as it is a pretty decent fire hazard. By the time morning came it was down right frigid in our cabin. After the second night of going to bed warm and waking up cold we went to West Marine and bought a portable cabin space heater. (West Marine Link here) We bought it on sale and I think it cost around $80 with tax. I cannot say enough great things about this heater. We have had the heater just over a week now and it is amazing. For the past 3 freezing nights we have been warm and cozy snuggled up in our v-berth.

Temperature  inside our boat after we bought the heater.

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