Monday, November 21, 2011

I've Been Keeping a Secret

We have been living with refrigeration for the past couple months. I know many of you will think that this lowers our 'bad-ass hard-core live-aboard' status, but that's ok, it's awesome. We were never planning to cross into the cold side but it happened. One of our friends was clearing out his storage locker and had a Waeco cooler style frig that he needed to get rid of. It is a few years old but was only used for one cruising season. Seeing as we are such great people, we decided to take the unit off our friends hand for a very reasonable price. It has been great keeping things cold without having to keep ice in the ice box. There is really only one drawback to the unit and that is that the buttons get stuck sometimes. However, I have been told that in the newer models of the same frig unit they fixed the sticky buttons and replaced them with a streamlined digital read-out. Anyway, now that we have it, I can honestly say that being able to make our own ice was worth every penny we spent on the thing. Yay! Don't judge us; you know you like ice in your drinks too.

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