Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Naked Boat

We are still here. I know you must be wondering why I have not yet posted photos of the move, well, it's because we are still in San Diego. The trucking company delayed our truck three times and finally it is coming. We will load the boat to the trailer this afternoon and fly to Annapolis tomorrow. This whole process has been a bit crazy and a bit unnerving but we have made it though with out killing each other. The boat is all packed up with everything we own and the mast is unstepped. We taped our hatches and lazarettes for added protection from the elements. Everyone we have talked to says that since the boat will be moving around 70 mph that it basically will have to deal with gale force winds for 7 days straight. Fun. Anyway, today is the day and now all we have to do is sit and wait....


  1. Good luck! See you in Annapolis!


  2. Good luck with the move. We know how nerve racking it can be having your home moved. Luckily ours was only across two states.