Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New to Us

New to us, Cheoy Lee Shipyards winch. $15 at Bacon Sails, like Minney's in CA, was labeled as is and came "with a piece of the deck, as it was cut out of the deck rather than unfastened. The only issue was the frozen capscrew that holds the center spindle in place, allowing you to then remove the outer drum. Impact driver and done. Cleaned, re oiled and greased, and the pawl sockets on both speeds needed reemed out to a slightly larger size to accomodate a larger pawl. This was all done with my set of professional machinist tools, a Milwakee drill with a 3/16" punch chucked in and stickyback 80 grit sandpaper wrapped around the end of the punch. Little 220 polish and done. I know many people that will probably cringe at this description.

This is really just a custom cast center piece on a Barient 23 winch.


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