Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cooking Aboard: Non-electric Chopper

One of my favorite things about living aboard is eating aboard. Anyone who has ever eaten aboard the good ship Ellen Louise knows that M can feed Armys of people. He has this magical way of starting a meal expecting to feed only me and transforming it into a meal for not only me but also 9 of our closest friend that just decided to stop by randomly. I love it about him. He has an innate ability to bring people together over a meal.

One of my favorite meals he ever made me was a Mako Shark White Pizza. One of our neighbors dropped by in his skiff and asked if we wanted some Mako...and of course we accepted. We happened to be out of propane for our stove but had a small green bottle that screwed into our grill. For a normal person pizza wouldn't be an option at this point but M didn't skip a beat. He made a pizza crust from scratch and concocted some sort of white garlic sauce. Half hour later we were eating Mako shark pizzas. As I took another slice from the pizza in front of me I paused to appreciate what was happening. We were on our old wooden boat in the middle of the bay with a sunset over the hill on my left, the city reflecting the beauty of the sunset to my right, and a man that I love in front of me...and a free (delicious) meal in my belly. It is moments like these that I find surreal.

M has his secrets though. Don't believe his magic- he has his ways of making cooking aboard easier. One aspect that people don't ever think about is power restrictions. While at the dock plugged into shore power it isn't really a concern for most people. However, anchored out it is a totally different story. There is no using the 15 million watt electric blender, chopper, dicing machine while underway or at anchor. I know I have mentioned Lehmans non-electric goods before and I cannot say enough good about them. However, we reticently purchased a pretty sweet item from William & Sonoma that can blend, chop, dice and all around mix: the Chef'n VeggiChop. It is great for making pizza sauces and curry pastes. This is just an example of making the best of our power supply while not sacrificing eating well.

Check out the video clip below of M mixing up a home made curry paste.


Chef'n VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper

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  1. Badass!!! Im getting one for sure! SOLD..