Sunday, June 3, 2012

Actual Naked Boat

Well 80 hours later and we have the paint stripped and the hull sanded to 36 grit. It feels good to see what she looks like underneath and to know that the planking is solid. It occurred to me last night that I haven't really shared with you guys the scope of this project we have undertaken. We have a front and center spot in the boat yard and just about every person who walks by has asked us what we are doing... it is getting a little repetitive...

Anyway, we have hauled out with the anticipation of the engine going back into the boat. The engine has been rebuilt and is ready to go in. However, we noticed that the engine stringers need a little reinforcing so how it the time to do it. Also we figured now is as good a time as any to fix the cracked frames too. AND since we are going to do the frames they need to be fastened through from the outside. Which means the paint on the outside needed to come off to find the frames to fasten. So might as well redo all the paint while we are at it. There you have it; that is the scope of our project. One week down, few more to go.


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  2. Definitly remind me something, except that we are still in progress! Good luck guys! Hopefully you won't have to re-caulk, we are into that right now and it's not fun.

    Be brave guys!

    Alex and Ryan