Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things I miss while being hauled out...

Using the head on the boat. Climbing down the ladder at 3 in the morning in the rain really isn't fun. Not to mention the high yesterday was like 56°F so now we have that to look forward too also. Yay.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Labor of Love

Yes, yes it is.

I have lost count of how many times people have walked past us over the last few months and just blurted out, "Wow, that's a labor of love!" It's odd that most people choose that specific comment because even though, yes, we do love our beautiful boat dearly, we are not fixing it ourselves out of love. I think sometimes other people don't realize that if we could afford to have someone else do all the hard work then we wouldn't be doing it. This is the boat we have and this is the boat we love, but it sure would be nice for someone else to do all the work. (Sorry for the rant.)

In more relevant news, we are still working on repairing frames. We have fully replaced a few frames and have been working on dutchman scarf repairs lately. I'm not going to show you any photos yet because it's messy and unfinished. I'll post lots of photos when we get closed to the finish.

In the mean time here is a photo from last 4th of July at La Playa in San Diego. It is photos like these that keep me motivated.