Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still fixing...

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We are still steadily repairing frames and moving towards our goal. We had a few weeks of below freezing nights around the new year and it hasn't created a very easy climate for laying up epoxy. In fact, one of the repairs that we installed didn't cure all the way and ended up needing to be removed and redone. It has been a bit discouraging but we have kept an overall positive attitude. We bought a kerosene heater from Home Depot about a month ago which has enabled us to heat the tent the boat is under. The heater has a thermostat which allows us to keep the tent around 40°F while we aren't there. When it is time to mix up epoxy we turn the thermostat up to about 75°F. It doesn't exactly get the tent temperature up that high but it keeps it warm enough for the epoxy to cure. A nice side benefit is that our electric heater inside the cabin doesn't have to work as hard and we are staying pretty comfortable inside our little home. I was originally worried about living aboard during the winter on the hard but it has been reasonably easy. 

There are only a couple frames left in the lazarette that need to be repaired then it is onto the engine stringers. Almost there. 

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