Friday, August 9, 2013

Something In A Name

The name Ellen Louise has a lot of meaning for Matt. The boat was named after his late Grandmother on his mothers side. We had previously been trying to figure out a way to incorporate her signature into the name on the transom but couldn't every figure out a way to do it effectively. Even though Matt has technically owned the boat since 2008, the name has never been professionally applied to her transom. We had block vinyl letters for a while but that just looked cheesy. We decided to go with the gold leaf letters because it seemed to be the most classic looking design. I, however, thought I wanted 'Engine Turn' gold leaf but Matt assured me that mostly power boats use 'engine turn' and sailboats look better with 'Florentine gold leaf'. Well, he was right and I love how it turned out. Thanks to Grandpa Bowers we were able to have the name professionally applied and it looks beautiful!

Thanks again Grandpa B!!

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