Monday, September 16, 2013

First Motor Out

Our first motor out was amazing. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and cool wind. We decided not to put the sails up as we didn't want to put too much stress on the hull all at once. The engine ran well with no issues. Our mechanic that rebuilt the engine told us that we need to break it in twenty minutes at a time. Twenty minutes idle, twenty at full revs, twenty just cruising. We will need to continue this process for the first twenty hours. We got a good two hours out of the way and figured it would be a good idea to just anchor out for the weekend. We motored about a bit more and found a nice little spot just inside the spa creek drawbridge. 

The bridge opens every half hour so we had to wait in and out of idle for about ten minutes. While we were waiting we noticed a little funny business with our throttle control. It seemed to be having some trouble getting into and out of gear quickly. The engine was still running well though so we just limped through. We found an open spot in the creek, laid out 40' of chain, and snuggled in for the sunset. 

The freedom mobility brings is indescribable. I know we just around the corner and up the creek from where we have been for a year but it really was amazing. We needed this break from the dock and really recharged our energy. Amazing to finally be moving. 

We ended the weekend with an amazing sunset and content souls....

....have to investigate that shifting issue tomorrow. 

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