Sunday, September 8, 2013

We Did It!

We did it; made it though to the other side. The boat is floating. The past year (14 months to be exact) was the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. Not only physically demanding, but also emotionally draining, expensive, and messy. Like, broken spirit, almost destroyed our souls, bad. That said, it was also a challenge and a great achievement. I'm glad I can finally refer to 'the year we spend living on the hard' as something that is in my past. There are still projects to be completed but there always will be, and that is okay with me.

Matt has proven to be the most amazing person. His determination to figure it all out has really shined throughout this whole project. I owe him everything. I can confidently say that I literally couldn't have done it without him. This one is for you my love!

Happily floating in a slip

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