Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bunt Lines

I know it is weird because we have had our boat for five years but, like Keith was so eager to point out, in San Diego you don't really need to reef. The wind in San Diego usually picks up around noon and levels off at about 10-14 knots. It always dies around sunset and it never really gets super windy. While we were sailing there we never really needed to reef and when we did we just used our roller furling boom. It was kinda a pain but it didn't get used much so it didn't matter. Now that we have been in the Chesapeake we were reminded that it gets windy. When Matt was teaching sailing in the straights of Gibraltar he regularly needed to put in a third reef. We have been in places that have both extremes and knew it was time to have a proper reefing system. 

Matt installed all the hardware and spliced the reefing lines the other night. We tested the system and it seems to work pretty well. He installed a winch and cleats on the mast to secure the reefing lines. The main already had two reef points with grommets but it did not have mini grommets for bunt lines (to tie up the excess sail while reefed). Tonight it was time to address that issue. 

Thanks to Charlie from Warrior Yachting in Annapolis we got some sticky back Dacron and Kevlar to reinforce the holes Matt was gonna poke in the main. We already had the grommets from when we made our lee cloths. Matt installed those grommets in the main in line with the reef points at the leech and luff. This allows us to tie up the excess sail while reefed without a whole lot of wasted time.

I know we probably should have done this years ago but that is how pretty much everything is going lately.

ps. Sorry for the sucky quality of the photos lately. They are all iphone snapshots.  

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