Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's cold, I'm ready to go, and New Sail Cover

Today was miserably cold and windy here in Annapolis. I'm not sure if the temperature made it above freezing or not but it sure felt like freezing today. It has been really windy too and the tide is unusually low. We have been hard aground for the better part of the day and the boat is healing over about 15%. It has really just been uncomfortable all around today. We have been living aboard for about 5 years now and we are usually pretty good managing the lifestyle. We live well with the small space. Still, there is never enough storage, the moisture and condensation create mold in every hard to reach space, and sometimes it can just be frustrating. All of those negative aspects are justifiable by our beautiful surroundings and the ability to be close to the water... except the idea of being outside today is miserable. Now that the weather has turned for the worse, we end up down below in the cabin with every window closed, hiding from the elements. I always tell people that we are good at living aboard but to be honest sometimes it isn't fun. I know that life doesn't get to always be perfect but sometimes I am better at dealing with it than others. When Matt and I are both trying to get something productive accomplished sometimes we get in each others way. We normally deal with it fine but with weather like this there is no where to escape.

We were recently gifted a slightly used sail cover from a 65' boat. Obviously, it was too big for our boat but we needed a new one. Our old one is torn and ripped in places (and purple) and has out lived it's usefulness. Since I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with being stuck down below in our cabin today, I figured now was as good a time as any to modify that over-sized sail cover. I really didn't have an excuse not to alter it now since we were also gifted that great sewing machine I mentioned the other day. It was a reasonably easy alteration as it was just too long and baggy basically. I did the measurement in the cold and wind then found an inside spot at the marina to set up the sewing machine. I took up on the top and shortened the ends. It's not a flawless repair but it forced me to go outside and get outta the boat. Only a few days left before we leave and I couldn't be more ready for a change of latitude.

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