Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Week Prep and Karma

Matt messing around with our new sewing machine. Making a mast head pennant.

In the past few weeks (and especially after quitting out jobs) we have been preparing our boat to leave. It has been mayhem but we have been assembling items that we have purchased or acquired for cruising. We have installed a windlass, RVG winvane, jerry can storage boards, solar panels, generator storage, new anchor roller, installed reef lines, mounted fire extinguishers, installed clip in pad eyes, wired nav lights, installed preventer system, installed a new transmission, assembled a first aid kit, got a danbouy, got a 66lb anchor, installed various latches/ security straps, purchased paper charts, re-installed our auto-pilot, drilled toe-rail drain holes, installed an outboard rail bracket, installed line storage in the lazzeratte, installed anchor chain pipe in aft deck, marked anchor chain, installed the other two bronze opening ports that we never got around to last winter, and lots of other things I can't remember right now.

We have gotten a lot of good stuff accomplished. It is really starting to feel like a cruising boat which is neat. We still have a lot to get done but I have faith that it will all come together. Our friends and coworkers at the marina here have really helped us out. Thanks to our dock neighbor/coworker at the marina we are the proud new owners of a great industrial sewing machine and two fishing poles/reels. Thanks Kevin! Also, the marina had a little going away party for us an all the employees tonight. Living and working here has really helped propel us towards this goal and we really owe them a big thanks! We really don't deserve all the help and support we have received lately. The notion of Karma has been coming up frequently and we feel pretty strongly that we need to be thankful for every advantage that we have received. We will take the positive energy and pass it on whenever possible. Whether you call it karma or something else, it can't hurt to try to do good things and pass on whatever good vibes that we can. So far, things are looking up.

Here are some random things that we still need to do/get this week before we leave:
-Adjust linkage in engine
-Double check that we have all the engine spares we need
-Mount life raft
-Build a trolling rod holder
-Deal with land vehicles/storage unit
-Find our old dodger/ get the raw materials to fabricate a new one (the old one is purple which is the first strike. Also the fabric is literally rotting away.)
-Find/ Purchase a new boat hook, not sure where the old one got off to...
-Purchase Skipper Bob Waterway guide
-Purchase Explorer Charts for the Bahamas
-Look into Steve Pavidis' Bahamas guide. Not sure what it is officially called.
-Order Softlamp Paraffin lamp oil off the internet, it costs $20/gal at the hardware store
-Stock up on my iTunes credits, we've been streaming internet for the last year or so and haven't purchased any new music lately. Can't have a rum and coke in an island destination without some new reggae tunes
-Stock the Rum locker - see above

Shouldn't be too hard to get all of this accomplished. 11 days.

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  1. Hi Liz, following you guys for quite a while now. Good writing on the notion of karma. We experience exactly the same. I am wishing you all the best for your start and... for the Bahamas. I liked it there a lot. In fact, above the sink on our boat is a sticker that reads "It's better in the Bahamas". Say hello to Matt from me (Kosta). We know each other from Gibraltar.