Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time to Get outta Dodge

Winter is coming. Snow. Ice. Cold. Bitter wind that makes your eye balls hurt. I detest winter in Maryland. This weekend marks our second anniversary living on the boat in Annapolis and I think we have had just about enough. Living here has been somewhat bittersweet for us. Our reason for coming was family. We have shed a lot of tears together and created a lot of great memories too. However, our usefulness here has sailed it's course and we no longer need to live here. The past two years have been the hardest for Matt and I yet but somehow we have made it to the other side. We are elated to have the major boat projects are behind us (even though they never stop). It has come to time to make a choice.

Our first inclination was that we wanted to get back to California to pick up with our Cali family s soon as possible. We quickly found out however that shipping a boat East to West is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive that West to East. Our second thought was to just sail home to San Diego. We do live on a sail boat after all. After some quick calculations we figured out that we might even end up spending less money sailing home. We don't have a strict time line, so it seems like the logical next step. Going cruising without a plan has been something that we have been ironically planning for a long time. We are not sure that we will make a direct voyage straight from here to there but life is about the journey not the destination anyway, right!?

Thinking that we will get outta here around the 1st of December give or take a week or so. The trade routes allow for a pretty swift southern route this time of year but the longer we wait the colder the air and the more sweaters i'll bring on our packed boat!

Hopefully less of this...

....and more of this.

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