Sunday, December 1, 2013

And We're Off!

One last fair well beer and we are off!

Say goodbye!

Jordan and Bonnie escorting us out of the creek

Chesapeake Bay

First sunset

Today snuck up on us pretty fast. We gave ourselves the deadline of December 1st mainly because we had a ton to do before we left but knew staying in Annapolis any longer would be pretty uncomfortable. We accomplished most things finished from our list and missed a few too. We cleaned out our storage unit and purged more than we kept. It feels good to finally be doing this for real.

We had a set back on Thanksgiving - Matt hurt his knee pretty badly and had to go to urgent care. It is still super swollen and he probably shouldn't even be walking on it but he is tough and is just living with the pain. We got some good drugs and a knee brace and are just hoping that it heals swiftly.

We woke up this morning early to complete the final things from the list. We were pretty efficient and were ready to leave by noon. A few friends saw us off from the dock and we even received a fairwell conch salute! (Thanks Kevin, that was rad!) As we left the creek, our friends Jordan and Bonnie gave us an escort in their boat. It was an amazing feeling and we were over joyed to have people like them send us off. 

The winds were calm most of the day and the seas were flat. It was freezing but we couldn't asked for a much better December departure date.

We are currently anchored safely about half way down the Chesapeake. Matt's knee was bothering him a bit and I was freezing. Time for some snoozes and another long cold day tomorrow. 

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  1. Woohoo! So excited for you guys! Well, except for Matt's bum knee. Here's to a speedy recovery on the move! ~Jackie