Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bahamas Bound!



Caught three catfish today!

We made it down to Palm Beach on Friday and anchored in North Palm Beach at STM 1012.7. We were feeling a little down because we weren't sure what to do. Should we stay put and wait to work out the coupling issue? Or do we push on towards Ft Lauderdale and just go to the Keys for a while? We slept on it for a night and didn't make any choices. 

Yesterday we did some boat maintenance; I washed the boat with salt water and dish soap, Matt climbed the rig to change the anchor light and raise the flag up the backstay. It was a good generally average day. We ended the day with our Christmas turkey that we never cooked on Christmas. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. 

This morning we woke up re-energized to make a game plan. In a sort of last minute whim, we have decided just to go for it and head to West End, Bahamas. We still need to order a new coupling but we will just wait until after the new year and have the part shipped. The current one we are using seems to be working ok so we are just gonna risk it. We have come this far and are ready to be in the islands!

All of this still depends on the weather in the morning. It is forcasted to be light southerly's. If the low pressure system comes tomorrow with northerly winds then we will not leave. We moved the boat down near the inlet at STM 1018.4 in Lake Worth in anticipation of leaving at first light tomorrow. The passage is only about 55 miles so we should make landfall before sunset. We are not proud and have never crossed the Gulf Stream before. If anything seems less than ideal then we will reconsider our plan. 

Follow our SPOT tracker to find out if we make it or not as I will probably not have internet access for a bit. Wish us luck!

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