Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beware of the Shallows

Hangin' out at the end of the boom trying to heel the boat over to get out of the mud.

Bridge in the fog

Making tortillas while we wait out the fog

S/V Ceilidh also aground in the fog

Finally underway

Monday we ran aground. A lot. It wasn't fun. It wasn't horrible either. The first time we grounded we got ourselves free reasonably easy by rowing out an anchor and winching the boat into the deeper water. The second time was just after the first and went about a mile and hit bottom again. A fisherman in a skiff happened to be passing and didn't hesitate to grab our bow line and pulled us off. The third time was on purpose. There was fog and we needed to get somewhere safe out of the channel to wait it out. We motored very slowly till we hit the mud then just waited for the fog to lift. A few hours later it cleared up and we reversed out of the mud and promptly ran aground again about 50' later. This time we were pretty stuck and weren't getting outta it fast. Coincidently the same fisherman that pulled us off in the morning was motoring home with a boat full of oysters. Again, he didn't even hesitate to stop and got us free again.

The last grounding was at the end of the day. We decided to anchor on the edge of the channel. Well, there was shoaling in the channel and we ended up in 5' of water. Unfortunately, the tide was going out at the time and we had about 4' further to drop. We messed about for a while trying different techniques and nothing was working. The tide was dropping to quickly and there was nothing we could do about it. About an hour later Matt went outside to check things out and must have knocked the boat off balance because the boat fell about 30 degrees and all the sudden we are laying on our side in a foot of water.  

I set an alarm for high tide at midnight hoping to fall asleep and wake up in the Bahamas. When I got up at midnight we were floating level so I looked outside with hope. We had indeed floated to freedom and were about a boat length from the two other boats in the anchorage. 

It was the most stressful day yet. On top of everything my cold is getting worse and just feel all around shitty. Once we left Tuesday morning all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I convinced Matt that we should have a short day and just take it easy. Finally. 

First fish! 

Also Matt caught his first fish!! Yay!

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