Sunday, December 15, 2013


Fancy bar 

Shady people (Sorry Dave, I stole your sunglasses)

Rainy weather out the forepeak window

Schooner on the other side of the marina in the rain
We are still here in Charleston. The weather has not been very good for sight seeing but we did get out and about on Friday night. Our friend Dave (who I went to high school with) lives here in town and we met up with him for drinks (lots of drinks). I really liked what I saw of this town, but it definitely is a drinking town. There was a pretty neat market that was just getting going on Friday evening. We also got a chance to stock up on a few things from the Harris Teeter grocery store. There was also a nice little produce store across the street which sold very affordable veggies. I grabbed a few things so that we shouldn't need to restock for a few weeks if need be. We only went out the one night and it seems that every other business downtown is a bar or restaurant.

We didn't get back to the boat until well after Midnight on Friday nigh and it was just starting to rain. The winds picked up and the seas were starting to get confused and choppy. I woke up Saturday morning hungover and a bit nauseous. I'm not sure if it was just the hangover talking or if the choppy seas were starting to get to me, but lets just say, I was happy to be at a marina waiting out the rain.

We are planning on leaving the marina today to anchor out in the harbor. We are tentatively planning on leaving Charleston tomorrow morning headed for the St. Mary's inlet on the Florida/Georgia border. If the weather passes by today then we should be on schedule to head out in the morning. I'll be happy to finally make it to Florida and warmer weather.

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  1. Charleston is great. I visited on a whim and ended up staying a week!
    I've enjoyed reading through your blog and following on your journey. Good luck, and be safe