Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day in Cocoa Beach

Judith and Phil

Fish for days!

Since we have been 'on the road' neither Matt nor I have purchased anything nor been away from each other at all really. I told Matt I didn't have anything to give him for Christmas days before and he understood. He however, always making sure to make me feel special had hung a sock with my name on it in sharpie and hid a beautiful shell inside which he had found a week before. It felt like Christmas morning, if only for a minute. I gave him a big hug and a kiss. 

We left Smyrna around 9am heading for Cocoa Beach at STM 897.7. We got underway with the other two boats from Canada and settled into motoring mode. Matt out his lines out, I put on some good jams, we were settled. Not ten minutes later he had a fish on the hook. We have been having ok luck with fish lately and were happy to still be getting bites now and then. 

Matt cleaned the fish (sorry, we don't have book and I don't know what kind of fish it was) and put the line back out. It must have been a minute and a half and we had another bite. It went on like that for hours. Bite after bite. I told Matt we couldn't slow down every time we got a bite because we would never make any progress. 

Even reeling them in at 5.5 knots we still landed 9 fish in 2 hours. I told him he had to stop; we had too much. Haha! We are eating fish for days!

Didn't go ashore in Cocoa but stayed on the boat and had a wonderful pork chop dinner. We have a turkey but didn't have time to cook it that day. Christmas turkey will have to wait a few days. 

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