Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve in New Smyrna

Sights along the way

Smyrna Beach by night

No parking. It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. 

Judith, Phil, and Flash Gordan

We heard rumors of a free dock about 50 miles from the fort, in New Smyrna, and decided to go for it. We can't really travel much more than 50 miles during daylight so it seemed like a perfect option. We left the fort in light drizzle early and motored all day. It was pretty uneventful motoring but the weather cleared up mid morning and the sun came out. We enjoyed the sun and arrived at STM 846 around 4:30. 

There was a public dock but there were already two boats tied up on it. There was, however, a short floating next to the public dock. It appeared to be where the water taxi would normally pick people up but looked deserted. We tied up there hoping that since it was Christmas Eve that no one would bother us. 

After making sure we were tied up safely we took a walk down the quayside. Turns out there was another public dock about a hundred yards further down the quay with room for one boat. Oh well! We walked into town and it might as well have been a ghost town. No one was there. Nothing was open. There wasn't even cars going by. At the end of town we found a gas station and bought some cold beers for the walk home (hey, no one was around, why not?). 

Back at the boat we were just about to start dinner when a spotlight came into our windows. We popped our heads out and it was the same two Canadian boats we were moored next to in St Augustine two days before. We helped one boat tie up to the other free dock and the other boat rafted up to us. 

Matt made an amazing dinner of fried fish that we had caught, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. It was a fun night of drinking too much rum and teaching each other fun (naughty) words in the others language (Judith and Phil are from Quebec so speak French).

No one bothered us and we slept like babies. 

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