Monday, December 30, 2013

Crossing the Gulf Stream

We raised anchor this morning at 3:45 and we out of the Lake a worth inlet by 4:15am. We decided to leave well before first light to ensure a daylight arrival into West End, Grand Bahama. The forcast was for light winds out of the south switching to west in the afternoon then north in the evening. Everything we read said not to get caught in the Gulf Stream in a Northerly, even if it's light. We knew we would have plenty of time and a safe passage as long as we made it there by mid afternoon. 

Once out into the ocean the seas were very calm. It was still pitch black out with no moon but a very comfortable ride. The Gulf Stream was supposed to be about 4 miles offshore so we headed south right out of the inlet. The wisdom behind this is supposed to keep your boat from getting swept north and then having to motor back south. The strategy seemed to work well because we barely even noticed the current. In fact, if I hadn't have known about the Gulf Stream I might have not noticed anything strange at all. I am sure that if you choose to cross at the wrong time then your experience would be totally different. 

The passage was uneventful and pretty boring honestly. We caught one fish, a Bonita I think, and Matt seared it on the stove 5 minutes after we hooked him. It was delicious. After that however, we didn't see a thing. Flying fish now and then but nothing else. 

Pulled into Old Bahama Bay Marina at 2:30pm. Matt cleared us into customs without any problems. 


  1. When we crossed back in 2011 we got hit by a north wind 1/2 day sooner than was forecasted. Definitely not fun!! I'm curious about the cost of checking in. I just read this week that they've changed fees again. Supposedly everthing over 30' is now $300.00. Previously it was boats over 35'. Is this true? This was reported from Old Bahamas Bay. We loved the Abaco's, I hope you do too.

  2. Congrats on making it to the Bahamas! So many beautiful islands to see. I am interested about the cost of checking in too.

  3. It cost us $150 but the boat next to us paid $300. I think it just depends on how they feel that day. We got lucky. I think it should have been $300...